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Media Control Systems

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Pioneer DV-F07 300-DVD Changer
By Tom Walsh
This product offers considerable value considering its price.  These benefits include improved picture quality over videotape and a large amount of videostorage.  The product is simple in mechanical design and inexpensive to maintain and repair.  The RS-232 remote control port allows it to be controlled by professional automation systems.
The product has a few limitations you need to be aware of.
It is not genlockable.  This means if you want very clean video switching to and from this device you must use a TBC/Frame Sync on its output. 
The DVD laser is consumer grade and will last from 1500 to 2000 hours of playback operation.  The laser and spin motor can be replaced by Media Control Systems for $250.
Besides the lasers failing the product has been very reliable.

Other good info coming soon! 

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