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Media Control Systems offers building4media automation products specially configured for the Public, Education and Government Cable Access Market.
These TV automation products run on Apple Computers.

Fork Playout and Production Demo Movies


Software products for production and post-production

  • our high-end production and post-production automation includes features like one of the most advanced media asset management systems, any type of ingest, our own cuts-only editor, full integration with Apple Final Cut Pro and other high-end editors, playout, transfer, archiving, etc.
  • RemoteStudio: our camera-server software for the flexible control of large number of cameras and remote control heads. This product is based on the software we have developed for reality shows like 'Big Brother'.

Software products for master control playout automation and new media

  • our high-end playout automation for TV stations with features ranging from playlist editing to the control of the broadcast equipment.
  • our entry-level playout automation product that runs on just one Apple computer. Building4Media also has software solutions for new media like the Internet and Mobile Internet (on 3G GSM phones).
  • our own DV video server based on the Apple computers (Xserve or Power Mac) which beats most of the specifications of dedicated (video) servers at an unbeatable price.
  • Building4Media also has software solutions for new broadcast channels like the Internet and Mobile Internet.