Stereo A/V DA 

SAV-1A   Stereo Audio and Video DA                      $750


     The SAV-1A is a self-contained, broadcast quality video/stereo audio distribution amplifier providing six independent output channels in a 1.75 x 19 rack-mounting unit.  The audio section provides six isolated stereo (twelve mono) 600 ohm balanced outputs from a single stereo (dual mono) high impedance bridging input.  The video section provides six independent source-terminated 75-ohm outputs from a single high impedance looping input.  Outputs are independent precision integrated amplifiers for accurate balance.  Gain is adjusted with front panel 25-turn potentiometers.  The amplifier components have been specially chosen and the circuitry specifically designed for flat response, low distortion, maximum reliability and good long-term stability.  The video amplifiers contain automatic DC offset circuitry to minimize output drift.

  •  Complete 6-output distribution of video and stereo audio.

  •  Wide bandwidth integrated amplifiers.

  •  Front panel input and output test points.


    Front panel gain adjustments.

  •  Low cost broadcast performance.




Audio Section

Inputs:                        0 dBm nominal, +8 dBm maximum; transformerless 200K ohm balanced or unbalanced bridging.


Outputs:                      6 stereo (12 mono) 660 ohm balanced or 12 stereo (24 mono) 150 ohm unbalanced.


Gain:                           25 dB, continuously variable from full Off.



Response:                   ±0.5 dB, 10 Hz            to 30 kHz.    


Hum and Noise:            -80 dB at 20 dBm output.


Output Isolation:            Greater than 50 dB.


Distortion:                  0.1% or less.


Connectors:                Terminal Strips.


Video Section 

Input:                          0.5 to 2.0 V p-p, 50K ohm looping.


Outputs:                      6, source terminated in 75 ohms, 3 V p-p maximum output.


Response:                   ±0.1 dB to 5 MHz; ±0.2dB to 10 MHz.  


Diff. Gain:                     Less than 0.1%, 10 to 90 APL.

Diff. Phase:                   Less than 0.1%, 10 to 90 APL.


Tilt:                              Less than 1% (DC coupled).

Hum and Noise:           60 dB below 1 V p-p output.

Output Isolation:         Greater than 45 dB at 3.58 MHz.

Connectors:                       BNC