TV Channel failure detector for public, education, and government channels.

Media Control Systems introduces a new product called the Spyglass TV Channel Failure Detector, CFD-3001A.  If you are tired of getting complaints because your channel is off-air for extended periods of time, you could use a Spyglass TV Channel Failure Detector and Bypass Switcher.

Spyglass analyzes your Channel output signals looking for signs of failure.  It checks your signal for sync pulses, picture motion and audio presence.  If it detects one or more failures, that exceed a predetermined time length, an alert signal is dispatched and your channel is bypassed to an alternate feed.


Spyglass is specifically designed to protect from false triggering.  Preprogrammed algorithms are used to identify the type of failure and preset timers prevent false triggering.

In addition to snow, blue, or black screens, Spyglass can detect a frozen frame from a MPEG-2 decoder or frame synchronizer.


The Spyglass system can be configured to bypass to your system bulletin board, or backup channel feed.  Optional outputs are available for sounding alarms or to interface to your existing Automation System.


The system can be purchased with or without bypass switching.  The Spyglass detection module can be housed in a two-channel or ten-channel rack-mount frame.

A dual detector version of Spyglass is now available.  This provides monitoring of both the primary and secondary feeds.  It is used with redundant videoservers or satellite feeds.

See literature or call MCS for prices.

SDI Video versions are available.