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Synergy Broadcast Automation Systems

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Synergy Broadcasts Station Automation Software is the playback solution specifically designed for the needs of Public, Education, Government and low power television stations. This solution has evolved over the last 10 years with the input and feedback from station operators across the country.  This unique solution provides station operators with a single application interface to manage key broadcast areas:


·         Playback Schedule

·         Recording and Encoding

·         Satellite Management

·         Web Streaming

      .     Video On Demand


      Features include:

·         Windows 2000/XP Platform

·         Video Asset Database

·         Copyright tracking

·         Event Scheduling

·         Local and Remote User Security

·         Automated Playback

·         Automated Recording

·         Manual and Automated Encoding

·         Control of Multiple Routers with Point & Click Routing

·         Multi-Channel Capableno add-on modules required to expand capacity

·         Cut and Paste Schedule Building

·         Drag and Drop Schedule Building

·         Remote Access via Dial-up or IP

·         Error Pager Notification with three levels of notification


      Options available include:

·         Traffic Manager for remote schedule updates from multiple locations.

·         Prep Station Manager for Encode Management.

·         Breaks module for commercials and commercial insertion.

·         Serial Control of Satellite tuners and Dish controllers.

·         IR and GPI Control of Satellite tuner/controllers.

·         Bug Generator Control.

·         Studio Switch for live feeds.

·         Automated Archiving to DVD or Digital Tape

·         Video On-Demand capable via the SBS WebCom Browser Interface

·         Automatic schedule updates to your Internet Site