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Li'l Moneymaker DVD Ad Insertion System



For straightforward Run-of-Schedule (ROS) ad sales operations, Media Control Systems offers a versatile and reliable, yet low-cost sequential ad insertion controller, Lil Moneymaker.  The Lil Moneymaker will control most ¾ U-Matic and ½ SVHS VCRS. With the use of the DCI+100A the Li'l Moneymaker can now control the Pioneer DVD-V7400 DVD Player.


When using DVDs for Ad Insertion, each DVD can hold 99 Titles.  One Title is played for each commercial break.  The DVDs can be created using a Set-top DVD recorder or PC Computer. 




Preparing a spot reel for sequential insertion involves editing all commercial spots in their proper sequence, one after another, onto a single videotape or DVD.  These spots can also be grouped in pods to match the length of the local avail time slots.  Each spot, or pod of spots, is then encoded with beginning and end tones using a portable 16-key tonepad (DTG-103A). Under DVD operation the beginning and ending tones are not used.  A Title on the DVD is played each time a cue-tone is received.


Once the encoded videotape is loaded into the VCR, the Lil Moneymaker automatically cues the VCR to the first spot on the tape.  Each time a satellite insert tone is detected, the system plays back the next spot in the sequence.  When the local commercial ends, or when the end of insert tone is received, the system automatically switches the satellite source back on-air.


After the last spot on the tape has been aired, the controller automatically rewinds the VCR and repeats the sequence, unless the repeat feature is disabled.


Since all switching occurs during the vertical blanking interval, you get clean, broadcast-quality performance every time.





A variety of companion products to the Lil Moneymaker provide extra functionality and cost-efficiency to your ad sales operation.  The Logmatic (ALS-5A) works with up to four Lil Moneymakers to provide four-channel logging and verification.  Special Logmatic PC (LSW-100A) Software allows you to download and store this data on a local or remote PC.  You can also optimize your VCR investment by using a Network Share Switcher (NSS-4B) to share a single deck across multiple channels.




The operator can select any of the following operating modes, at any time, simply by entering DTMF tone commands from a portable tonepad.


Multiple Spot Mode

·         Automatically plays back spots or pods in sequence, as each satellite insert tone is detected.

·         Automatically returns to satellite source when the spot or pod end tone is detected.

·         Single-cycle or repeat operation (front panel selectable).


Spot Fill Mode

·         Automatic sequential playback of one or more 30-second spots as each satellite insert tone is detected.

·         Returns to satellite source when the satellite end of insert tone is detected.


DVD CONTROL INTERFACE      DCI+100A             $450


Use DVD players with your Moneymaker instead of Videotape.  With a firmware change and a special MCS interface module, you can control the Pioneer DVD-V7400 DVD Player. 


Record your DVD with each break as a DVD title.  Each time a cue-tone is received the Moneymaker will play the next title in sequence.  Each DVD holds 99 Titles, two to four hours of video.


A set-top DVD recorder or a PC with DVD authoring software can be used to build your DVDs.  With a +RW DVD recorder you can append multiple spots to each title.  New spots can be re-written over old spots, using the re-writeable +RW media.