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For more than 15 years this has been the format of choice by professionals who demand excellence in video acquisition. This robust format offers true component quality, field portability, editing versatility, and studio quality images at affordable prices.

Sony's new digital format is built for the demands of news gathering and production within the DTV standards. Betacam SX® is an extensive family of cost-efficient products bringing digital advantages of superior picture quality, portability, high speed image transfer, and non-linear editing, all with Betacam SP compatibility.

The DVCAM format DSR series of VTRs, Hard Disk Drive recorders and camcorders provide today's most efficient video production capabilities, giving professional video producers and editors the speed, quality and precision they require throughout production, from image acquisition all the way to final post production.

The world-wide standard for digital recorders, Digital Betacam® equipment is ideal for applications requiring high quality without compromise. This extensive product line includes editing studio recorders for post production, portable models for production use, and players for viewing or feeding video. Many models feature playback compatibility with Betacam SP material for added versatility.

Sonys new line up of Digital Video Recorders can rejuvenate your existing surveillance system with increased flexibility and outstanding reliability. Get all the benefits associated with a digital format (clear, crisp, undistorted images and swift access to images) plus user-free operation (no tape to rewind, change or pry free, and no heads to clean).

With ten years of high definition market leadership, Sony introduces HDCAM, the new high definition format incorporating our HD Digital Compression technology to achieve superlative picture quality for high-end production.

The design concept of the J series Compact Players was for affordable, compact office viewers to be used by producers, journalists and production staff. The result is three models that are ideal for personal, desktop use. At the same time, they have all the features required for viewing, logging and source feeding to servers or nonlinear editing systems. All J series Compact Players can playback Betacam SX, Betacam SP and Betacam tapes.

The MPEG IMX VTRs are designed for the demanding, open systems requirements for high quality 4:2:2, 50Mbps, I-frame only editing environments in broadcast and post production as well as for the growing MPEG-2 based infrastructure for contribution, transmission and distribution for DTV.

The DKR-700/2 and DPA-300/2 capture and record color and black & white images from a wide variety of analog video sources and store them on a standard 2.5" MD Data Disc. High storage capacity allows for the storage of up to 2,000 images per disc. In addition, Sony Medical Systems offers the industry's widest selection of video tape recorders in nearly every industry standard tape format.

The Sony PDW line of products offers three types of decks to meet the varying operational needs experienced both in the field and studio. Their functions have been
carefully selected to increase production efficiency by exploiting the advantages of optical discs, and they provide familiar VTR-like controls that minimize the learning curve needed to get up to speed.

This format is for the individual that needs to go the next step beyond VHS. A wide variety of applications from the wedding videographer to the medical world need the quality this format produces

Sony offers a wide variety of tape formats for time lapse recorders, including S-VHS, "Real Action" and standard VHS, 8mm, Hi8, and Digital Video, providing high resolution and a flexible range of recording and playback modes. Utilizing a new hybrid combination of DV tape and Hard Disk Drive to record and archive digital video, Sony offers the ultimate in high performance, high reliability, low maintenance digital surveillance recording.

Sony offers a variety of output boards, service package options and other accessories to operate with its full line of videotape recorders


Sony's production monitors are carefully balanced combinations of features, performance, and styles offering versatility and value for video production and high performance monitoring applications. All color monitors incorporate Sony's Trinitron® CRT for excellent image quality. Several models and types are available for various applications and system solutions

Whether your needs include high resolution black and white models or our award-winning Trinitron® color monitors we have got you covered. Available in most sizes, our monitors deliver superb performance at reasonable cost. Demanding applications deserve the best. They deserve Sony.

Home or office, professional or corporate, Sony Trinitron CRTs meet the demands of any user who requires extraordinary accurate colors and crystal clear images. And Sony LCDs deliver razor sharp images and brighter colors making it perfect for everything from detailed graphic presentations to simply browsing the Internet.

The BVM-D series of broadcast multi-format monitors was introduced in 1999 to handle the demands of the DTV world. These monitors accept a wide variety of digital signals including 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080/60i, and 1080/24PsF. The BVM-D series provides a complete line-up - from 32" master monitors to 9" picture and field monitors. Due to DTV expansion, the PVM L5 series was introduced in 2001 as a professional grade multi-format monitor to support low-end broadcast and high-end B&I applications.

Sony presentation monitors offer desirable features and high brightness, accept many signal input types, and are available in many sizes for flexible use. Producing attractive video images, all color monitors incorporate Sony's famous Trinitron® CRT for excellent image quality.

Designed for use in medical applications, these IzzitOn?® -compatible color video monitors provide the superior color fidelity, resolution, and quality that medical professionals demand.

Sony PlasmaPro Monitors will add style and impact to any visual. The PlasmaPro Series' non-glare, high resolution panels feature a built-in high performance scan converter using high-speed sampling that optimizes picture quality.

The professional line of Sony monitors provides high quality pictures and accurate and stable color reproduction, but without the high precision expected for critical evaluation. Models in this series provide a wide range of picture sizes and functions to address the diverse needs of the industry.

Sony offers a variety of control panels, interface cards, input boards, mounting brackets, stands and other accessories to operate with its full line of monitors