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Master Play and Master Play MultiZone Solutions
MasterPlay Multizone Message System, 9.5hrs of Media    $5,495
MasterPlay Multizone Message System, 68hrs of Media      $5,990
MasterPlay, 1-Channel Playback System, 66hrs                   $7,990
MasterPlay, 1-Channel Playback System, 133hrs                 $9,245
MasterPlay, 2-Channel Playback System, 133hrs               $13,680
MasterPlay, 2-Channel Playback System, 277hrs               $16,835

Design in PowerPoint
Drop Content in the Zones
You're On-The-Air!


Now you can create dynamic, informational MultiZone TV presentations in minutes using Microsoft PowerPoint for both layout and zone content development and management!

Open the ZoneBuilder.pot PowerPoint template
Drag, resize, copy, delete, and name your Zones
Add a Background to the Layout
Save the Layout and run the BuildZones macro

The program will create a hierarchical path of files and folders you will use for managing and updating content in all the Zones.

ZoneBuilder creates separate PowerPoint files for each Zone, mapping the proper coordinates of the Background picture for each file.

You can create multiple Features for each Zone and add as many Slides as you wish to each Feature.

Choose Save As and select .bmp to create graphic files for each Slide or group of Slides.

Your Layout.ppt
ZoneBuilder 'maps' the layout dimensions for screen display.  You use individual PowerPoint files to design and manage the FEATURES in each ZONE ... and the SLIDES in each FEATURE.

Zone Files

MasterPlay Zone Playlists

ON-AIR Screen Display

Drop the graphics (and video) files into the ON-AIR folder for each Zone.  The MasterPlay Zone Playlists will be immediately updated, with no interruption in playback.

For each Zone you can select:
type and length of transitions
time-of-day and/or looping functions
sophisticated event scheduling (day, date, times, etc.)
On Screen Displays (text crawls, logos) and more

The result:  sophisticated information management and display ... using PowerPoint as your creative canvas!

You can even display LIVE VIDEO in the Video Zone or Full Screen ... intermixing video files, graphics files, and live images in your Video Zone playlist.

Finally ... there's an AUDIO JUKEBOX that plays .wav and/or .mp3 files when no videos are active!

Supported file types include:

MPEG 1, 2, 4 AVI QuickTime


The Mediappliance is a Windows XP workstation that generally resides on your network with a static IP address.  It hosts the MasterPlay MultiZone application.  Authorized users map the D: (Data) drive of the Mediappliance to their workstations.  You then create and manage content from your workstation, and deliver approved content to the Mediappliance via networked transfer to the ON-AIR folders for each Zone.

All systems are delivered with a licensed copy of Symantec's "pcAnywhere", providing direct connection to the Mediappliance for technical support, software updates, and training.



 If its in the folder its ON-THE-AIR!

It just doesnt get any simpler than this! 

Each Zone you create has its own ON-AIR folder. Just drag-and-drop the graphics and video files you want to play into these folders.

Add, delete, and modify any file in any ON-AIR folder with no disruption in playout. Use the Playlist Editor for sophisticated scheduling of events to run on specific days, dates, and times.

When you are connected to the Mediappliance on a network, you can manage content from virtually anywhere. In fact, each system includes Symantecs pcAnywhere, providing remote accessibility for authorized users. 

Mediappliance MiniPEG Networked Video/Graphics Engine

You can size and position the Video Zone anywhere on the screen. Its format friendly, so you can drag the most popular video file formats into the ON-AIR folder for playout. You can also instruct the file to play Full Screen simply by putting the letter F in brackets before the file extension, e.g. CouncilMeeting[F].mpg.
You can intermix video and graphics formats however you wish. Choose from dozens of transitions between graphics files: cross-dissolve, wipes, and zooms are just a few. And when graphics are playing, the included Audio Jukebox will randomly select from your favorite mp3 and/or wav files, fading both the graphics and the music before the next video file starts to play.
PowerPoint FLASH
This is what youve been waiting for! Now you can play PowerPoint and FLASH presentations within a MultiZone environment. And, like your video files, you can specify that a presentation play Full Screen simply by putting the [F] before the .ppt file extension (see the Frisco[F].ppt in the Video ON-AIR folder above).


It's Simple.

Productivity, Profitability, and Return On Investment (ROI). Now, more than ever, these objectives should drive every business decision you make. The software and hardware solutions from RushWorks are specifically crafted to maximize each of these key ingredients for business Success regardless of your media application.

These are NOT traditional TV automation systems.  They ARE all-digital, server-based solutions that cost-effectively automate the process of information management and display.

The name says it all. Just drag and drop MPEG and graphics files into a folder and those files automatically appear in a playlist.  You can play the files in sequence, in a loop, or individually.  

You can also control the length of time each graphic appears on the air ... as well as the order in which all elements are played.

When you are playing files in a loop, you can add, delete, and make changes at any time.  The playlist will recognize the changes immediately.

bmp, jpg, gif, tif, tga and rtf files intermix with MPEG files complete with fade and wipe transitions

There is even a Digital Jukebox, a plug-in that plays digital music files while graphics are displayed -- with a smooth, user-defined audio fade out prior to MPEG file playback.

Although the usual operating mode simply loops the contents of an assigned folder ... you can also open a New Playlist and just drag MPEG and graphics files directly into the list.

You can change the playback order by dragging and dropping, and Save the Playlist.  You can also select individual files for Single Play mode.

 Equally at home in cable head-ends, PEG channels, kiosks and classrooms, its a powerful, cost-effective alternative to PowerPoint and other graphics-only platforms.

And remember ... if it's in the folder, it's On-the-Air!

This robust digital file management and playback system does it all using playlists that can intermix MPEG and graphics files.

Designed for cable insertion and broadcast models, MasterPlay supports both event-driven (DTMF) and time-of-day scheduling and playback.

Operation is 100% file-based. The Mediappliance hosts all program, spot, and graphics playback ... with RAID 1 or 5 disk storage fail-over protection.

Create your playlist schedule -- or import a file from Traffic and Billing.  The program provides an as-run log -- and will even send you an e-mail if there is trouble at a remote site!

Powerful OSD (On Screen Display) capability supports logos, text, and other graphics overlay providing per-channel functionality that replaces many master control functions.

The Segment Editor lets you create 'virtual edit' points without having to physically edit an MPEG-2 file.  It's simple and fast!

Scheduling is a snap using the Add Event calendar.  You can specify that an event happen every day, on recurring days of the week, or on select dates as far into the future as you wish.

You select the Start time for the event ... and even have the option of instructing the event to play repeatedly after a specified interval.  This is ideal for situations where you will play the contents of a folder over and over ... but want to insert an ID, LOGO or PROMO at the top and bottom of the hour, or every 15 minutes.

All files play seamlessly back to back - and you can change the playback order in the list while it's running.

Powerfully Simple.

MPEG & Graphics Playback!

This chassis is ideal when you have limited space ... and a limited budget.  Measuring just 13" x 12" x 3", the "MiniPEG" hosts one or two MPEG decoders ... or one encoder and one decoder.  Perfect for classrooms and POS displays.

The MEDIAPPLIANCE is a powerful MPEG and Graphics playback engine designed to support the operations and functions of the EasyPlay and MasterPlay software solutions from RushWorks.

The 2U chassis comes with rack mount "ears" on an industrial metal chassis.  It also has two PCI slots to accommodate your operational requirements.  You can add an additional drive for extended storage or RAID 1 disk mirroring.

Parses all standard MPEG streams, in all MPEG formats
Decodes 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 video up to 50 Mbps
Inserts digital audio into the SMPTE 259 video signal
Genlock input for external synchronization 
Accepts real-time streams from a satellite network
Displays output on a VGA monitor

The 4U chassis is designed to be rack mounted.  Supporting up to 8 decoders, it's designed for the rigors of multi-channel insertion and/or program playback.

This chassis can be configured for RAID 5 operations, giving you an extra measure of data protection with hot-swap disk replacement if required.

And you can configure several chassis to meet the demands of large head-end and VOD server operations.


  • Cable ad insertion systems
  • TV broadcast systems
  • Distance learning systems
  • Playback from video file servers
  • Theme park systems
  • Point-of-sale video displays
  • Training systems
  • Video kiosks
  • Video over intranet
  • Video presentations
  • Video-on-demand systems
  • Advertising content distribution
  • Military systems
  • Transportation Systems

Right Out of the Box!

Designed for end-to-end digital operations ... from encode to playout

MasterPlay Automation
is all about going Digital, virtually eliminating videotape machines from the record (encode) and playback environment. The system accommodates four operating modes within any playlist:

Its a STATION IN A BOX without the box. A rack seems more appropriate, dont you think? The end result is the same: a powerful, affordable, integrated software/hardware solution that maximizes your productivity, profitability, and return-on-investment.

Record and Playback

Record Schedule

Channel Selection

Encoder Selection

Program Segmenting


Composite S-Video

RAID storage:
200GB - 49TB

1) Time-of-Day Event Playback
2) Event "triggers" (GPI)
3) Manual Event playback
4) File Import Scheduling (traffic)

Encoder output formats:
Windows Media 

Encoder input options:
FireWire (1394)

starting at $5,895

Single Channel Playback System 
with 30 hrs RAID storage

The Playlist Editor supports simple drag-and-drop scheduling and list management functions

The Event Manager allows you to schedule recurring events and date/time single event playback.

For Spot Insertion you can import files from commercial traffic systems or build your own lists with drag-and-drop ordering.

Breaks can be triggered manually, by GPI, or by
Time-of-Day ... with serial switching from and to program source feeds.

As-run text files are available for export and reconciliation with insertion schedules.

The Segment Editor is one of the most powerful and useful utilities in MasterPlay. You can quickly and easily create any number of virtual clips which can be used in the same or different playlists.

Its also great for trimming the Start and End of MPEG files after the files are encoded.

Keyboard shortcuts are mapped the same as Adobe Premiere.