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Custom Configurations are Available

MPEG-2 VIDEOSERVER    VS4-1000E     2-TB     $14,250

Includes MPEG-2 Encoder


The VS4-100, 200 and VS4-500 video servers represent the highest quality MPEG 2 video servers that are available for cable access and education.


In addition, the VS series works directly with Cablecast, providing your station with a completely integrated solution for digital playback. Now, adding MPEG video into your schedule is as easy as analog playback. Just schedule the program and Cablecast will communicate with the video server automatically. There isnt even a need to upgrade your event controller.  Each Server includes an MPEG-2 encoder.  The included encoder encodes upto 6-mbs.  An additional $2,500 upgrades your server to 10-mbs max encode rate.
MPEG-2 VIDEOSERVER           VS4-500E       1 TB                   $11,500
Includes MPEG-2 Encoder
MPEG-2 VIDEOSERVER           VS4-200E       480 GB                 $9,600
Includes MPEG-2 Encoder

MPEG-2 Encoder     ENC-106    6Mb/sec             $6,250


Tightrope Media Systems MPEG-2 Encoder is a Windows 2000 based PC that houses a high quality MPEG-2 Encoder PCI Card.  Included is software that guides you through the encoding process.


The encoder creates MPEG-I or II files with bit-rates from 1-Megabits per second to 15-Mb/sec.


After encoding the files are transferred via Ethernet to the Videoserver.  The encoder can be controlled by Cablecast.
MPEG-2 Encoder     ENC-110    10Mb/sec             $7,900
Media Control Systems, MPEGDVD-101 $1,995
    $2,495 with LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
Protable MPEG Encoder, Includes Multi-standard DVD Burner, MPEG editing software for merging and triming video segments, MPEG encoding from 2 to 12 Megabits per second.
Also includes a powerful Pentium-4 2.8Ghz processor, 1Gig DDR RAM, 200Gig Hard Drive.