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Channelmatic Brand Programmable Clock Controllers


Li'l Ben is a low-cost seven day clock controller. The basic unit has eight outputs which may be individually programmed for up to 400 events. Output events are controlled with one-second resolution.

User interface consists of a four-key keypad for input and a four-digit multiplexed LED display with 16 indicators for output. Eight indicators are used to guide the user through the various modes of operation. The remaining eight, display output circuit status. The hardware consists of a CMOS microprocessor, a CMOS EPROM for program storage, a CMOS RAM for temporary system and user parameter storage, and a 1.0F double layer capacitor for momentary power failure carryover. Provisions are made to connect an external user-supplied battery for long-term carryover. The LCC-1A can house up to 2 3000 series modules to meet specific requirements.


  • Simple, easy to use, four-key keypad
  • Four-digit LED display
  • One-second resolution
  • 7-day programmability
  • 400-event capacity
  • Power backup
  • 8 open collector outputs
  • Broadcast quality optional switching
  • Optional relay outputs
  • Optional 2 x I stereo audio/video switcher
  • Optional VCR control

LCC-1A is the basic version of the Li'l Ben Clock Controller. Its eight control outputs are FET "pull to-ground" type with the capability of sinking up to 100mA when on. An externally applied voltage of up to 30V is allowed when off. An RC snubber network is provided to protect the FET from instantaneous, high current transients, such as those produced by inductive loads or electrostatic discharge.

LCC-2A has eight single-form, on board C-relay outputs.

LCC-3A has a built-in 2 x I stereo audio-follow-video switcher. Two of the control outputs are internally wired to control the audio/video switches. The remaining six FET outputs are still available for controlling external devices.

LCC-5A provides real time control capability of rewinding the VCR of a sequential ad insertion system, such as the Li'l Moneymaker. Once the VCR rewinds back to the beginning of its tape, the ad insertion system will automatically re-cue the VCR to the first commercial of the tape. Capable of rewind control of up to four VCRs without disruption to true ad insertion.



The latest clock controller from Media Control Systems, the PCU-1B provides control of devices in real time through an operator-supplied schedule. The PCU-1B maintains schedules, and generates verification logs and reports.

The PCU-1B offers a unique and valuable feature in its sequential scheduling capability. Sequential scheduling enables an operator to schedule and view daily events in the order in which they will run. The schedules are easy to modify. Any added event will be automatically loaded into the day's correct time slot. The PCU-1B also has an automatic schedule-template generator to assist the operator in quickly creating two weeks of schedules.


  • Unique sequential scheduling concept allows scheduling and viewing of the daily events in the order they run
  • Automatic schedule-template generator dramatically decreases scheduling time
  • Macro-scheduled events can activate eight control outputs from one event command with the optional PCU PC Software (PCU-100A)
  • The largest capacity on-line operating memory of any clock controller
  • Most reliable electronic circuitry money can buy * Easily remote controllable, just add modems
  • Super capacitor backup means never changing batteries

Your scheduling capabilities are even more powerful when the PCU-1B is used with the optional PCU PC Software. The PCU PC software can create Macro Schedule Events, which activate up to eight pre-set description functions from a single event command. Instead of the time-consuming process of inputting individual descriptions to build a schedule, the operator can use a macro to identify eight at once.

The PCU-1B has the largest capacity on-line operating memory of any clock controller. Up to 3,000 events and 16 schedules can be loaded and readied for execution. It can be expanded to control more outputs than any other switcher in the cable market. Get up to 1,000 control outputs by expanding with Media Control Systems BDD-3010A modules.

The PCU-1B offers parallel decimal and BCD control. The PCU-1B can be easily controlled remotely by adding modems. And because it is operated from a Wyse 60 smart terminal, full screen control and status can be achieved without being at your headend and without purchasing a computer.

Verification logs of all events executed are organized chronologically and separated by date. The logs can be retrieved using PC-based software or they can be sent directly to a printer.

Equipped with a super capacitor to back up its CMOS memory, the PCU-1B never requires batteries or battery replacements.