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GPI Remote Control, Cue Signal Multiplexer

Cue Signal Multiplexer                                           $1,500


The Cue Signal Multiplexer enables its user to multiply and distribute General Purpose Interface (GPI) commands.  When used for CATV Ad Insertion Zoning, only one cue-tone demodulator is needed per channel, as opposed to one per channel per zone.  The savings in equipment cost is significant.


When used for remote television facility device control, many sites connected by a one-way audio path can be reliably controlled from a central site.  The Cue Mux can be used to control an audio/video switcher, roll a VTR, or activate any device having a GPI control option.


If many devices must be started at once from a single source the Cue Mux can effectively magnify the power of the single source.


When wiring access between two facilities for GPI control is restricted, twenty-four control wires can be reduced to two, by placing one Cue Mux in each facility.

  • Multiply Cue Commands for Zoning Ad Insertion
  • Remote Television Facility Device Control
  • Multiply General Purpose Interface (GPI) Commands
  • Reduce GPI wiring runs, two wires instead of twenty-four
  • 24-Inputs and 24-Outputs (contact closure equivalent) per unit
  •  AFSK control link between units
  • Computer Network Control