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Programmable DTMF Cue Tone 4x1 Switcher                     $1,250

DTMF Cue Tone Controlled Switching

The ATS-1A Automatic Tone Switcher is a fully automatic, microprocessor controlled DTMF tone decoder and vertical interval audio/video switching system.  The unit decodes multiple DTMF tone sequences from a satellite channel or a local tone generator.


Upon receipt of the desired tone sequence, the ATS-1A will automatically switch one of its four A/V input sources to the A/V output.   All switching is performed by integrated circuits and occurs during the vertical blanking interval for a clean broadcast-quality transition.  A time delay between the receipt of a valid tone sequence and the A/V switch may be easily programmed.


Operator programming of the microcomputer is accomplished by means of a standard 16-digit DTMF tone generator.  Program memory is protected against periods of AC power outage by a 1.0 Farad capacitor.  The ATS-1A also features an open collector-type control output for each of the three auxiliary channels. The control outputs may be programmed for independent delay times.


The unit also accepts control inputs on four discrete lines, that when grounded, cause an audio/video switch to the associated input.

  • DTMF tone activated 4x1 A/V Switch
  • DTMF tone activated 4-output GPI
  • Microcomputer controlled
  • Programmable tone sequences and pre-roll delays
  • Vertical interval switching
  • Maximum switch-time override failsafe