Media Control Systems installs and provides operational support for Tightrope Media Systems products.

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Automation Product Literature

  • : The original 2RU server, ready to function as the center of your station's head end!

  • : All-in-one automation and video server bundled into one package!

  • : You get Cablecast Automation, a VSX-400 video server and Carousel. All of this in one 2 rack-unit chassis and for less than you might expect!

  • : Our full line of four channel MPEG-2 video servers with built in encoding! Also be sure to check out the section in the and our , both relate to .

  • : Our multi-format video servers with SDI outputs.

  • : Bring your channel to the Internet with the STRM-LIVE server for Cablecast! Check out the section on

  • : Give your viewers the ability to watch your programming library on demand with the STRM-VOD Series servers for Cablecast! Check out the section on

  • : Need to overlay crawls and your logo over your channel's programming? Check out the DSK plug-in for Cablecast!

  • : Learn about the Video DVD Import software that works with Cablecast.

  • : For the truly interested! :) Check out some of the control interfaces available for Cablecast!


Digital Signage Product Literature

  • : Enterprise digital signage for multiple site installations with more than three channels and advanced data integration needs.

  • : Digital signage designed for schools, community television and installations that do not need more than three channels.

  • : This player includes the hardware, software and licensing that is required to add an additional channel of Carousel to your existing system. It's like getting a second Carousel system for thousands less!

  • : RSS is a revolutionary information source that is freely available from every major news source as well as thousands of specialized feeds from around the world. With RSS Reader plug-in, your Carousel system can bring this information right to your viewers!

  • : This plug-in for Carousel is the perfect addition if your organization manages conferences or meeting rooms! With a stand-alone mode or tight integration with and system, the EDS plug-in has the power, flexibility and intelligence to display your meeting room information the way you want it displayed!

  • : With the MSE plug-in your Carousel system will support MPEG-2 video, Adobe Flash and PowerPoint presentations! (see product description for details regarding PowerPoint support)

  • : Now included with , The SS4 plug-in brings Carousel messages to any Mac or PC on your network!