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Qubit Automation Brand, Full Featured Channel Automation System

Multicaster Multi-Channel Automation
The MultiCaster automation system from Media Control Systems is an advanced system for the automated control of equipment used in both the cable and broadcast television markets. Using market experience of over 25 years, the MultiCaster represents the latest generation in television technology.
Originally designed for extremely large installations with over 100 channels, MultiCaster was also designed to be extremely flexible, allowing it to be used even in single channel applications at a practical cost.
MultiCaster is best described as a suite of software applications used together in a single, seamless environment, coupled with distributed intelligence in our electronic control system that is used to interface directly with broadcast equipment.


Prices Starting at $59,950


The Mulitcaster works great for Cable TV locally originated channels.  Its' unique design allows for importing program and advertising schedules from your Traffic and Billing System.
The Mulitcaster is very networkable and can be accessed remotely using Windows Terminal Services. 
MPEG files are compatible with your ad insertion systems so no re-encoding is required.
Play everything from the included videoserver or additional VCRs or DVDs.

  • Distributed frame-accurate time-code synchronized control
  • Device Pooling on multiple channels
  • Media Library Management
  • Mulit-Channel Server with built-in MPEG Encoder
  • Full Status Monitoring and Alarm Notification
  • Schedule Import and Log Export
  • Program (Long Play) Channel Scheduling
  • Ad Insertion format Channel Scheduling
  • GPI Inputs and Output Scheduling