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Lil Moneymaker        CIS2A       $1,250


For straightforward Run-of-Schedule (ROS) ad sales operations, Media Control Systems offers a versatile and reliable, yet low-cost sequential ad insertion controller: Lil Moneymaker.  The Lil Moneymaker will control most industrial grade VCRs and DVD Players.

  • Automatically plays back spots or pods in sequence, as each satellite insert tone is detected.

  • Automatically returns to satellite source when the spot or pod end tone is detected.

  • Single-cycle or repeat operation (front panel selectable).

  • Built-in Tone Decoding


    Sync output is provided on the rear panel to gen-lock the VCR to the satellite source, for perfect, glitch-free switching.

  • VCR pre-roll delay times are programmable in tenths of seconds increments for accuracy.

Network Share Switcher      NSS-4B            $1,500

     For even greater cost efficiency in sequential insertion operations, the NSS-4B allows a Lil Moneymaker or most other insertion systems to insert ads into four satellite networks from only one audio/video source.  In effect, the NSS-4B quadruples your channels of insertion without adding VCRs.

  • Four DTMF cuetone decoders and four preroll delay timers, one per network, activate when a valid cuetone is received.

  • Manual switches are provided to disable each cuetone decoder when no insertions are desired on a particular network.

  •  Composite sync output facilitates vertical-interval switching.

  • Power failure relay bypass automatically switches back to network.

  • Contact closure cue inputs are provided for networks such as MTV and VH-1, which do not use DTMF cuetones.

  • Inserts ads one network at a time, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Logmatic           ALS-5A                                  $950


     Most sequential insertion operations require some degree of logging and verification capability for traffic and billing purposes.  As a four-channel logging and verification system, the Logmatic is a cost-effective means of gathering spot ID and event data from multiple Lil Moneymakers and providing hardcopy verification of all insertion events.  The Logmatic can also be used to log either contact closures or DTMF tones with a time and date stamp for other verification requirements.

  •  Interfaces with Lil Moneymaker (CIS-2A) to handle up to four independent cable channels.

  • As each spot is inserted, automatically logs network switch times and complete advertiser and spot identification data.

  • Data is encoded on the unused audio track of the spot tape using the versatile DTG-103A 16-key tone-pad.

  • Interfaces with standard parallel control printers.

Logmatic PC Software (LSW-100A)

  • Multiple Logmatics may be stacked to handle up to 40 channels; data is retrieved through a single printer or PC using Logmatic PC software (LSW-100A).

  • Allows data to be downloaded to a personal computer for long-term data storage.

  • Provides local or remote control via modem.

DVD CONTROL INTERFACE      DCI+100A             $450


Use DVD players with your Moneymaker instead of Videotape.  With a firmware change and a special MCS interface module, you can control the Pioneer DVD-V7400 DVD Player. 


Record your DVD with each break as a DVD title.  Each time a cue-tone is received the Moneymaker will play the next title in sequence.  Each DVD holds 99 Titles, two to four hours of video.


The Philips DVDR985 DVD recorder can be used to build your DVDs.  With the Philips you can append multiple spots to each title.  New spots can be re-written over old spots, using the re-writeable +RW media.