Media Control Systems introduces Digital Ivy Video Vine (TM),  media delivery and playback system.

Digital Ivy Video Vine is a network of Digital Ivy media servers and video players linked together via local network or internet.  Digital Ivy Video Vine uses a unique "data pull" technology from MicroVideo Learning Systems Inc., that allows smart media players to pull schedule instructions and media from its related servers.  The technology provides reliable transfer of media even on very low bandwidth networks and allows uninterrupted play-out even if network connectivity is lost.

Video file management, scheduling, and video player software from MicroVideo Learning Systems Inc., offer reliable and economical television channel and video display automation solutions.  Digital Ivy Video Vine can be used for digital signage applications, point-of-sale displays, TV channel playback for government, educational, and public channels, and national or international video playback networks.  Digital Ivy can be used for hospital patient education, university and corportate channels.       

Digital Ivy uses a unique playlist scheduling concept that allows for quick and easy scheduling of repeated programming.  Day-part playlist from 30-minutes to 4-hours can be created and then scheduled by day and time.  Days can be copied to future days and weeks to future weeks.

For larger networks of players (channels), multiple players (channels) can be grouped into networks.  Then only one schedule needs to be created for the entire network, saving valuable time.  Players check-in for instructions every minute and provide verification of the files they play.

Digital Ivy components can be purchased as a single server/player or as a server with multiple players.  Low power environmentally friendly servers and players are available and broadcast level servers and players can be purchased.

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Digital Ivy Server and Player Price List

Model Number





Digital Ivy Server-Player; standalone single channel playout.

(2RU Rack mount PC, 500Gig  hard drive, scheduling/logging)



Digital Ivy e-Player; low power  (requires server)

(desk-top small form mini-ITX PC, 500Gig hard drive)



Digital Ivy Broadcast Level Player; (requires server)

(2RU Rack mounting PC, 500Gig hard drive)



Digital Ivy e-Server; low power (requires players)

(desk-top, small form mini-ITX PC, 1TB hard drive, scheduling/logging)



Digital Ivy Standard Server; (requires players)

(2RU Rack Mounting PC, 1TB hard disk, scheduling/logging)



Digital Ivy Broadcast Sever; (requires players)

(3RU Rack Mounting PC, 4TB RAID-5 hard drives, scheduling/logging)



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